Therapist. Founder of the Terol Method.

 "My two daughters, Maria and Sonia, have exceptional academic backgrounds. They both have successfully worked in other fields. However, they both decided to become Terol Method therapists. Maria in Washington, DC. and Sonia in LA and Madrid each teach the Method helping hundreds of patients".
“I am extremely proud of them and I am thankful that I have two extraordinary successors".



sonia terol
Terol Method therapist.

"In my eyes, all well aligned bodies are absolutely beautiful and perfect. Most of us, regardless of our height or weight, feel we inhabit imperfect bodies. Today I know, there are not poorly built bodies but misaligned bodies and this is why they fall ill and hurt. Pains disappear and our health and beauty is reestablished when we correct our alignment".

• 13 years teaching the Terol Method.
• 2008. Treatment of 15 patients who suffered of herniated discs, scoliosis and acute back pains for the first clinical study on the TM conducted by the University of Francisco de Vitoria.
• 2012. Treatment of 25 patients with severe pathologies of the back for the second clinical study of the TM conducted by the University of Francisco de Vitoria
• 2012. Publication of the album I AM THIS. Vol. 1, Vol. 2 and Vol. 3. For sale on iTunes and Amazon.
• Since 2004, Sonia combines her work as a musician with her work as a therapist of the TM.
• Multiple roles on TV and musical theater.
• 2002 Price "Voice of the Future" of the City of Logroño.
• 2000 Publication of the album "Sonia Terol", Sony Music
• Training as classical singer at the School of Voice of Madrid and under the most prestigious professors of Europe and the United States.

More and more, we are interested in self development and self improvement. More and more, we finally understand that reality is nothing but a projection of how we are internally aligned. Starting from this premise, it is indisputable that the body is a reflection of how we perceive life. Depending on our attitude toward life, our bodies will adopt one posture or another. Based on this relationship between the body, the mind and our emotions, the work on our bodies is a wonderful instrument for self discovery and the awakening to Consciousness.

There is an old oriental saying that says: "the bird doesn't sing because it is happy, but it is happy because it sings". We can extrapolate this saying to the body. Recent studies show that it is impossible to feel fulfilled and happy with a sunken chest and vice versa; even when circumstances are not ideal, it is really hard to feel apathy and sadness with an open chest and a lifted sternum. The body empathizes with the emotion. As Dr. Joe Dispenza says:  "Even when you feel down, act as if you felt well". That is, if from the body and its posture we express strength, happiness and pride of being who we are, little by little, our emotions will connect to that energy that our body transmits in a magical and surprising way. If we manage to feel well in our bodies and our posture, it will be easier to feel aligned with the Truth of our nature: PERFECT and DIVINE".



Terol Method therapist.

  • • 20 years of experience teaching the Terol Method
  • • Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the U.S.'s premier certificate program
  • • Specialist in the female pelvis and pelvic movement with coursework from world-famous Nuria Vives Institute in Spain.
  • • Law Graduate of the I.C.A.D.E. School of Law and Economics, Spain's most prestigious university, Masters Degree in Environmental Law by IEDE.

I grew up observing how my mother helped others in her studio. Clients would come with faces of pain and agony. They would come in with crutches, canes and even on wheel chairs and they would go out on her own two feet with relief on their faces after a few sessions. I started helping her with all the work that required writing the method's instructions, exercises and protocol, or the weekly proposals for the TV programs at which she was a contributor at the time. I remember going in her studio when she would call out: "come here right now, you have to see this". I would go in and I would find a smiley patient practicing a movement that he could not have done before Terol. It was practically impossible to live at home and be oblivious to the patients’ transformations.

Since I always loved books, studying law and economics was a natural decision. A Masters Degree in Environmental Law followed. At the same time I was training to become a Terol Method Therapist with my mother.

The jobs that followed after college were all related to my major. I started at a financial broker. I learned German which opened the doors to  a job as an analyst at a prestigious German bank in Frankfurt. On my return to Spain, I worked at a German insurance company and later for the Mexican Government in Madrid. I continued the search for the ideal job in Washington, DC. where I worked for a law firm. Doors would open just by showing a curriculum with excellent academic background, languages and professional experiences, but none of these well paid jobs were a source of satisfaction.

After many years of professional discontent, I realized that the only part of the day I would enjoy would be the part dedicated to the Method. I never stopped giving TM sessions. So, I decided to dedicate myself exclusively to teaching Terol. Two important doctors in the area where I live in Washington, DC started sending me patients. World of mouth did the rest. The reason, very simple: The Method works!

Today, I give thanks for being able to help others and for being able o dedicate myself to a profession that reports so many satisfactions.