CCorrect postural alignment is the most frequently overlooked aspect of a person's musculoskeletal health. Poor posture is the root of most back pain and dysfunction.

The Terol Method fundamental premise is that any rehabilitation and training program should start with the knowledge of the original cause of the injury, which in most cases is poor posture and misalignment.

Training or exercising without postural awareness causes strong muscles to become stronger and weak muscles to become weaker, while stiff areas remain stiff. This causes abnormalities in your posture to become more pronounced which perpetuates pain and sets the stage for degenerative conditions to develop or worsen.

The Terol Method teaches correct posture and body alignment through a unique physical and mental technique. This technique can be used at any physical activity or sport and in daily life.



"We see an amazing transformation in our clients: They come to see us because they are in terrible pain. Once the pain is gone, they want to continue working to improve their appearance and strength -- they have forgotten all about the pain that brought them to us in the first place!"

María, María José y Sonia Terol



What is the Terol Method?


The Terol Method is a systematic approach to exercise therapy and physical training that will return your body to proper alignment, relieve pressure from your irritated central nervous system and inflamed connective tissues. Read more

Postural Awareness


The TM teaches correct body posture and the keys to postural hygiene. Read more

Terol Method and the University of Francisco de Vitoria


The clinical studies carried out by School of Medicine at the University of Francisco de Vitoria have scientifically tested and proved the incredible efficiency of the Method in patients with a broad range of pathologies. Read more



The Terol Method Institute is being developed to train future Terol Method therapists.. Read more

TM Workshops


Discover the cause of your pain. You will be provided with a personal assessment of your posture and movement patterns. Read more

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